Schedule & Results, Maple Syrup Country Tournament, 2022-2023 (Elmvale Minor Hockey)

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Friday, March 10, 2023
U11 Pool A18:00 AMELM Bradford Bulldogs0-5Elmvale Coyotes
U13 Pool A28:00 AMCOLD Orillia Terriers3-14Elmvale Coyotes
U11 Pool B39:00 AMELM South Grey Spartans0-5Midland Centenials
U13 Pool B49:00 AMCOLD South Grey Spartans1-2Midland Centenials
U13 Pool A510:00 AMELM North Middlesex 4-3Newcastle Stars
U11 Pool A610:00 AMCOLD Saugeen Shores Storm11-1Pelham Panthers
U13 Pool B711:00 AMELM Port Colborne Sailors1-1Mid Huron Huskies
U11 Pool B811:00 AMCOLD Thorold Blackhawks15-0Muskoka Rock
U15 Pool A912:00 PMELM Woodville Hurricanes2-2Elmvale Coyotes
U15 Pool B1012:10 PMCOLD Otonabee Wolves2-4Mitchell Meteors
U15 Pool B111:10 PMELM Mariposa Lightning5-3South Grey Spartans
U15 Pool A121:10 PMCOLD South Greenville Rangers2-2Newcastle Stars
U11 Pool A132:10 PMELM Bradford Bulldogs0-17Saugeen Shores Storm
U11 Pool B142:10 PMCOLD Midland Centenials0-2Thorold Blackhawks
U11 Pool B153:10 PMELM Muskoka Rock0-6South Grey Spartans
U13 Pool A163:10 PMCOLD Newcastle Stars2-0Orillia Terriers
U13 Pool A174:10 PMELM North Middlesex 4-1Elmvale Coyotes
U13 Pool B184:10 PMCOLD Midland Centenials3-6Port Colborne Sailors
U13 Pool B195:10 PMELM Mid Huron Huskies0-4South Grey Spartans
U11 Pool A206:20 PMELM Pelham Panthers1-3Elmvale Coyotes
U15 Pool A217:20 PMELM Newcastle Stars0-3Woodville Hurricanes
U15 Pool B228:20 PMELM South Grey Spartans5-3Otonabee Wolves
Saturday, March 11, 2023
U15 Pool A238:00 AMELM South Greenville Rangers2-0Elmvale Coyotes
U15 Pool B249:00 AMELM Mitchell Meteors1-2Mariposa Lightning
U11 Pool A2510:00 AMELM Elmvale Coyotes0-9Saugeen Shores Storm
U11 Pool B2611:00 AMELM Muskoka Rock1-8Midland Centenials
U13 Pool A2712:00 PMELM North Middlesex 13-0Orillia Terriers
U13 Pool B281:10 PMELM Port Colborne Sailors2-7South Grey Spartans
U15 Pool A292:10 PMELM Woodville Hurricanes0-3South Greenville Rangers
U15 Pool B303:10 PMELM South Grey Spartans2-2Mitchell Meteors
U11 Pool A314:10 PMELM Pelham Panthers3-2Bradford Bulldogs
U11 Pool B325:10 PMELM Thorold Blackhawks3-2South Grey Spartans
U13 Pool A336:20 PMELM Elmvale Coyotes3-6Newcastle Stars
U13 Pool B347:20 PMELM Midland Centenials3-2Mid Huron Huskies
U15 Pool A358:20 PMELM Elmvale Coyotes2-4Newcastle Stars
U15 Pool B369:20 PMELM Otonabee Wolves3-4Mariposa Lightning
Sunday, March 12, 2023
U11 Play o378:00 AMELM Midland Centenials0-8Saugeen Shores Storm
U11 Play o389:10 AMELM Elmvale Coyotes0-1Thorold Blackhawks
U13 Play o3910:20 AMELM Port Colborne Sailors2-6North Middlesex
U13 Play o4011:30 AMELM Newcastle Stars5-3Midland Centenials
U15 Play o4112:40 PMELM Mitchell Meteors1-3South Greenville Rangers
U15 Play o421:50 PMELM Woodville Hurricanes2-1Mariposa Lightning
U11 Play o433:00 PMELM Thorold Blackhawks1-3Saugeen Shores Storm
U13 Play o444:15 PMELM Newcastle Stars3-2North Middlesex
U15 Play o455:30 PMELM Woodville Hurricanes2-5South Greenville Rangers
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