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Mar 10, 2020 | Michael Kelly | 5212 views
Cross Ice Tournament
We are set for Saturday's Cross Ice Tournament.

A few things to note.

Players are required to source their own jersey that is the colour of their team.  We will not have jerseys for the players.  If you don't personally have a jersey of that colour, please talk to friends, teammates, coaches to find one.

Please be fully dressed 10 minutes prior to game time.  Coaches / helpers will answer any questions prior to going on the ice if anybody has any.

Please be sure the kids have water for the bench as there are no breaks between games.

There will be little to no warm up time.  Please do any required stretching / warming up prior to hitting the ice.

We would love a few more bodies to manage the benches as well.  Just volunteer once you get to the arena.

The division liaisons are as follows:

IPN - Adam Kuypers
MNA - Cullen Fay
AP - Brian Anderson
PB - Brian Murphy

Rules & Information
  • 1 Minute buzzer in all games
  • IPMN 22+2 minute games, rest are 20+2 minute games (2 minutes allowed to change benches from game to game)
  • Injuries - Game stops but clock does not
  • Face off at start of game only
  • When there isn't exactly 2 lines, players on the ice that will remain of the ice need to tag up to bench and cannot be the 1st player to touch the puck on a shift.  Puck must be retrieved by a player coming off the bench.
  • Players are sent on the ice immediately when the buzzer sounds.
  • There must be 1 pass before a goal can be scored.
  • Players must retreat to half when a goal is scored or a puck is covered by the goaltender.
  • No slap shots (loss of possession)
  • No body checking in any division
  • If a penalty is called that player is to go off the ice and the team will play shorthanded for the remainder of that shift only.
  • Penalties - Unecessarily rough, dangerous, or disrespectful play will result in suspension from the tournament (Zero Tolerance)
Home End Away End
Time Division Team Team Team Team
1:10 PM IPMN White Blue Red Black
1:34 PM IPMN White Red Blue Black
1:58 PM IPMN White Black Blue Red
2:35 PM MNA White Blue Red Black
2:57 PM MNA White Red Blue Black
3:19 PM MNA White Black Blue Red
3:41 PM MNA 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
4:15 PM AP White Blue Red Black
4:37 PM AP White Red Blue Black
4:59 PM AP White Black Blue Red
5:21 PM AP 1st 2nd 3rd 4th
5:55 PM PB White Blue Red Black
6:17 PM PB White Yellow Red Blue
6:39 PM PB Red Yellow Black Blue
7:01 PM PB Blue Yellow Black White
7:23 PM PB Black Yellow Red White

Adam Kuypers is sourcing a couple more players for the IP/Minor Novice division, and we will post once we have the teams set.  We also have room for 1 more in the Atom AE>Peewee AE division.  Team Yellow for the PW/Ban division can be any colour other than White, Blue, Black, Red.

IP & Minor Novice (4 on 4)
(Trainers: )
(Bench: Adam Kuypers)
Team - White Team - Blue Team - Red Team - Black
G - James Price G - Brayden Richardson   G - Beckett Farrer
Ray Duckett
Tucker Anderson Ethan Maxwell Ryan Dziama Evan Gilchrist  
Max Champion Cole Foster Gibson Godin Ben Coram  
Ivan Willett Giovanni Casalinuovo Wyatt Murphy Porter Jacobs  
Madden Sjerps Owen Maxwell Benjamin Murphy Layton Fay  
Addilyn Kitchen Kohen Archer Kolten Klein Gebbinck Noah Corney  
Tyler Nauffts Easton Culbert Shawn Hamilton Owen Durnford  
Major Novice & Atom (3 on 3)
(Trainers: Steven Warden)
(Bench: Rick Bartlett, Adam Kuypers)
Team - White Team - Blue Team - Red Team - Black
G - Keaton McNabb G - Braxton Westcott G - Lukas Bartlett G - Everett Bennett
Elijah Leboubon Riley Klein Gebbinck Brody Paley Everson Fay
Emmerson Golka Kolton McNabb Carson Mogridge Lincoln Moreau
Evan Dziama Kaden Hall Easton Bradley Mac Adams
Grace Duckett Sam Dennis Evan Beatty Matt Macpherson
Harrison Kuypers Matthew Manzone Jocelyn Marchildon Parker Sneddon
Kalen Foster Brody Coram Maeve Giffen Troy Hales
Atom & Peewee (4 on 4)
(Trainers: Nathan Tschop McLaren )
(Bench: Cam Cooper)
Team - White Team - Blue Team - Red Team - Black
G- Allison Birch G - Keaton McNabb G- Braxton Westcott G- Nolan Krause
Aiden Hall Anderson Lee Blake Issac Alex Manzone
Brayden Palmer Carter Madigan Chase Champion Cooper Anderson
Ethan Leddy Jacob Haw Gavin Hall Jack Cooper
Jeremy Brewer Jamie Tschop McLaren Grayson Alexander Johnny Long
Kyson Osborne Lukin Godin Keegan Hummelink Reilly Thorne
Owen French Marshall Kitchen Morgan Kelly Sam Fleischmann
Spencer Galvin Nick Peterson Pierce Hlady Talan Hall
Zachary Heddleston Carter Abrey Eric Gilchrist Dyson Valendar
Peewee & Bantam (3 on 3)
(Trainers: Dave Crowder, Brian Murphy )
(Bench: Doug Dutton)
Team - White Team - Blue Team - Red Team - Black Team Yellow
Cole Klein Gebbinck Brayson Fay Nikolas Schepers Gavin Sanderson Cameron Dupuis
Benjamin Kelly Aiden Lawson Garrett Fay Ben Doupe Beckham Westcott
Cooper Mogridge Ethan Palmer Jake Dutton Evan Mino Carlos Sanzole
Jacob Holt Jaxon Pretty Michael Macneall Jake Murphy Emery Stephens
Joey Moore Keenan Crowder Preston Fay Josh stone Jackson Clemens
Lukas Knight Mitchell Hales Quintin Shaw Willem Kiernan Tanner Playne
Evan Krikorian Tyler Shaw Raffi Febbraro Josh Pickering Nick Johnston