Team Priority List (Elmvale Minor Hockey)

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We will use these priority lists to allocate additional practice time.

> I will email out available times periodically as they become available.
> Coaches respond within 24 hours.
> Of the teams that respond as interested I will allocate based on the priority lists below.
> When priority is equal it will be allocated on a first come basis

1st Priority List - Teams who have had a practice cancelled because ice time is not available (usually for home tournament).  Teams who cannot use their own practice time are expected to switch with somebody to replace their own practice.  Not using available ice will not be considered cancelled.

2nd Priority List - The priority list is sorted by # of additional ice times allocated, then by date of last additional ice time.

 1st Priority List - Cancelled Practice
Priority Team Date of Cancelled Practice Date of Replacement
1 Peewee LL Oct 25th (Brian English) October 23rd
2 Bantam LL Oct 25th (Brian English) October 30th
3 Bantam LL Nov 15th (Hat Trick) November 6th
4 Atom LL 1 Dec 24th (Christmas Eve) December 11th
5 Atom LL 2 Dec 24th (Christmas Eve)
December 11th
6 Novice LL Dec 24th (Christmas Eve)
December 18th
7 Novice Rep Dec 24th (Christmas Eve) January 8th
8 Midget LL 1 Dec 24th (Christmas Eve) October 30th
9 Midget LL 2 Dec 24th (Christmas Eve) November 20th
10 Peewee Rep Dec 25th (Christmas Day)  
11 Minor Novice Dec 25th (Christmas Day)

12 Bantam Rep Dec 25th (Christmas Day)
13 Bantam AE Dec 25th (Christmas Day)  
14 Atom Rep Dec 26th (Boxing Day) November 27th
15 Novice LL Dec 31st (New Year's Eve) December 4th
16 Novice Rep Dec 31st (New Year's Eve) November 13th
17 Midget LL 1 Dec 31st (New Year's Eve)  
18 Midget LL 2 Dec 31st (New Year's Eve)  
19 Peewee Rep Jan 01st (New Year's Day)  
20 Minor Novice Jan 01st (New Year's Day)
21 Bantam Rep Jan 01st (New Year's Day)
22 Bantam AE Jan 01st (New Year's Day)


 2nd Priority List - Additional Practices
Team Count Date of Last List of Dates
1 IP      
1 Minor Novice      
1 Novice LL      
1 Novice Rep      
1 Atom LL 1      
1 Atom LL 2      
1 Atom AE      
1 Atom Rep      
1 Peewee LL      
1 Peewee AE      
1 Peewee Rep      
1 Bantam LL      
1 Bantam AE      
1 Bantam Rep      
1 Midget LL 1      
1 Midget LL 2      
1 Midget Rep      


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