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Apr 20, 2023 | Lorrianne Dutton | 501 views
The Elmvale Minor Hockey association acknowledged players, coaching staff and parents with their annual awards banquet on Tuesday night. Thank you to all volunteers who helped make the night a success. A special thanks to our sponsors and presenters for their continued support of Elmvale Minor hockey

Our year end Association Awards as voted on by the members of our executive highlighted some of our many deserving players, goalies, bench staff and volunteers.

The Earl (Bud) Vollick Memorial Award for Rep Coaching Staff of the Year

Presented to the
U18 B Team

Andrew Priest

Jake Bouzis

Jayson Colyn

Jake Lalonde

Dave Crowder

Carrie Jesseau


The Earl (Bud) Vollick Memorial Award for LL coaching staff of the year

Presented to the  U15 LL

Matthew Priest

Matthew Prucha

Ben Kuepfer

Jacob Linzner

Brad Trottier


Tuny Lem Perseverance Award is given to members of Elmvale Minor Hockey who have undergone personal hardships, yet has continued to enjoy hockey. These families will have gone through some difficult times this season but have maintained their great outlook and love of hockey.

Congratulations to Douglas Price


Eileen Reynolds Memorial Award is presented to a member of EMHA who has dedicated years of time and energy to our program. You can always count on their support and enthusiasm.

Congratulations to Carrie Jesseau


The Doug McConnell trophy for Rep goalie of the year – U18 C

Congratulations to Cole Klein Gebbinck


The Doug McConnell Local League Goalie – U18 LL

Congratulations to Gavin Sanderson


LEE ANN SANDERSON MEMORIAL AWARD: Lee Ann Sanderson was the true definition of a “hockey mom”. She volunteered at many levels of Elmvale Minor Hockey. Not only was she a trainer and mentor but she also played hockey for many years. Lee Ann lost her lengthy battle with cancer in the fall of 2010. Even up to this point she continued to play and support her 2 sons Jacob and Gavin Sanderson. This award is presented to a girl at the IP level who displays qualities not only important in hockey but in life as well. This girl displays a willingness to learn, a desire to do better, and a love not only for sport but for life itself. But most important of all is being able to face any challenge regardless of the degree of difficulty with a positive attitude and the willingness to succeed. Please nominate one girl from your team, the executive will vote on the winner.

Congratulations to: Mae Chant & Blakely Potter


Nelson King Bursery – U18 Midget Age Lifetime Award (Voted on by the King Family)

The Nelson King Bursary is to help an individual in their future endeavours whether it is university, college, trade school or other. In Nelson's younger years he did some refereeing, was a part of the Elmvale hockey system and enjoyed watching his son play up through the ranks of Elmvale Minor Hockey. Nelson later turned his attention to enjoy watching his 5 grandsons who all played in Elmvale. Nelson was a committed father, grandfather and fan of Elmvale Minor Hockey throughout his years.  
Congratulations to Brayson Fay & Ty Williams

Congratulations to all the recipients of this year awards as voted on by the coaching staff.

Hustle (Player Voted) – Corbin Ververs
Esso Most Dedicated – Scott Popple
Esso Most Improved – Austin Perreault
Esso Most Sportsmanlike – Scott Haines
Stan Ritchie Most Improved – Luke Carney

Hustle (Player Voted) - Landon Phillips
Esso Most Dedicated – Chase Temolder
Esso Most Improved – Ryker Zanette
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Gavin Lynch
Stan Ritchie Most Improved –Hardey Lapointe

Hustle (Player Voted) – Preston Cruise
Esso Most Dedicated –Douglas Price
Esso Most Improved –Gibson Cunliffe
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Asher Ritchie
Stan Ritchie Most Improved –Hendrik Potter

Hustle (Player Voted) –Draper Temolder
Esso Most Dedicated – Alex Davies
Esso Most Improved – Jameson Stokes
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Henry Latouf
Stan Ritchie Most Improved –Wesley Cantelon


Hustle (Player Voted) – Nash Rockey
Esso Most Dedicated –Emmett Couglin
Esso Most Improved –Hudson Rowland
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Able Rowe
Russel Hargrave Most Improved –Val Serov-Perlov


Hustle (Player Voted) –Barrett Dermott
Esso Most Dedicated –Hudson Greenwood
Esso Most Improved –Lucas Chiasson
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Ryker Smith
Russel Hargrave Most Improved –Ben Davies

U9 LL #1
Hustle (Player Voted) Kohen Archer
Esso Most Dedicated –Owen Durnford
Esso Most Improved –Finn Moirhead
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Maverick Smith
Kirton Family Most Improved -Bryson Weir

U9 LL #2
Hustle (Player Voted) –Logan Phillips
Esso Most Dedicated –Easton McGill
Esso Most Improved –Brooklyn Sharpe
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Blake Sickle
Kirton Family Most Improved –Lincoln Lougheed

U11 LL #1
Hustle (Player Voted) –Charlie Coughlin
Esso Most Dedicated –Madden  Sjerps
Esso Most Improved –Ellie Kenney
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Wesley Carney
Harry (Hank) Ritchie MVP –Ben Kuypers

U11 LL #1
Hustle (Player Voted) –Giovanni Casalinuovo
Esso Most Dedicated –Maks Murray
Esso Most Improved –Oliver Hoffman
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –James Price
Harry (Hank) Ritchie MVP –Russel Bates

U11 B
Hustle (Player Voted) –Gibson Godin
Esso Most Dedicated –Tucker Anderson
Esso Most Improved –Jack Burke
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Ethan Maxwell
Harry (Hank) Ritchie MVP –Ryan Dziama

U13 LL
Hustle (Player Voted) –Alexis Burrell
Esso Most Dedicated –Nicklas Murray
Esso Most Improved –James McNeil
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Brayden Wemp
Scott Lambie Most Defensive Forward – Jackson Watts

U13 LL
Hustle (Player Voted) –Harrison Kuypers
Esso Most Dedicated –Everett Bennett
Esso Most Improved –Lincoln Moreau
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Cole Daniels
Scott Lambie Most Defensive Forward –Jocelyn Marchildon

U13 C
Hustle (Player Voted) –Carson Sjerps
Esso Most Dedicated –Marshall Kitchen
Esso Most Improved – Sam Fleischmann
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Sam Dennis
Scott Lambie Most Defensive Forward –Brody Coram

U13 B
Hustle (Player Voted) –Matthew Manzone
Esso Most Dedicated –Kipton McNabb
Esso Most Improved –Anderson Lee
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Keaton McNabb
Scott Lambie Most Defensive Forward –Kalen Foster

15 LL

Hustle (Player Voted) – Jordan Wiebe
Esso Most Dedicated –Eric Gilchrist
Esso Most Improved –Taylor Burrell
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Megan Ritchie
Bumstead Family Most Coachable –Kolton McNabb
Keith Rossel Leadership – Blake Isaac

U15 C
Hustle (Player Voted) – Eliott Turbach
Esso Most Dedicated – Liam Barber
Esso Most Improved – Emerson Golka
Esso Most Sportsmanlike – Nick Peterson
Bumstead Family Most Coachable – Carter Abrey
Keith Rossel Leadership – Alex Manzone

U15 B
Hustle (Player Voted) – Bryson Yardy
Esso Most Dedicated – Bryson Yardy
Esso Most Improved – Aiden Seney
Esso Most Sportsmanlike – Carson Oakes
Bumstead Family Most Coachable – Jamie Tschop-McLaren
Keith Rossel Leadership – Jure Garinger

U18 LL

Hustle (Player Voted) -Ty Williams
Esso Most Dedicated – Elijah Williams
Esso Most Improved - Noah Reive
Esso Most Sportsmanlike –Gavin Sanderson
Todd Belanger Best Defensman –Nathan Scruton
Jeff Colyn 'For the love of the game' –Wesley Nelson

U18 C
Hustle (Player Voted) Bradford Elliott
Esso Most Dedicated –Logan Golka
Esso Most Improved – Nathan Sokach
Esso Most Sportsmanlike – Jacob Holt
Todd Belanger Best Defensman – Mitchell Hales
Jeff Colyn 'For the love of the game' –Trenton Peterson

U18 B

Hustle (Player Voted) -Benjamin Kelly
Esso Most Dedicated –Keenan Crowder
Esso Most Improved – Jake Dutton
Esso Most Sportsmanlike - Isaac Jesseau
Todd Belanger Best Defensman - Cameron Robertson
Jeff Colyn 'For the love of the game' –Benjamin Kelly

We also recognized all our 3rd year players who have graduated from Elmvale Minor hockey.  We wish them great successes in their future endeavors

Ben Kelly, Josh Stone, Brayson Fay, Isaac Jesseau, Cameron Robertson, Keenan Crowder, Nickolas Schepers, Tanner Playne, Ty Groenewould, Jaxon Pretty, Jaxson Johnston, Michael Macneall, Trenton Peterson, Raffi Febbraro, Ty Williams, Nathan Scruton, Noah Reive, Wesley Nelson, Elijah Williams & Gavin Sanderson